Fruit Party 2

If we asked you to name the most common symbol appearing in any slot game, we guess you might say fruit. Perhaps you’d suggest cherries, but you’d be right on both counts, really. And in the new Fruit Party 2 slot game out now from Pragmatic Play, you can expect lots of tasty fruit to drop into their places on the reels. Shall we see what else is involved?

A 7 x 7 grid can mean only one thing…

A grid this large means you need to find some blocks of symbols to get any prizes. You need five or more to pay out, and they must all touch either vertically or horizontally. Aside from the fruit, you’ve also got hearts and stars on offer.

Let’s get some tumbling underway

Whenever a winning combination turns up, the winning symbols pay out and then vanish. All symbols above those spots fall into the gaps, creating spaces above that the game fills with fresh symbols. You can enjoy continued tumbling of the symbols until you get a screen filled with no winning combos anywhere in view.

W means Wild

Yes, as it always does, and it will substitute for everything except the scatter, as usual. The difference here is that it only appears randomly following a disappearing cluster, with a wild appearing in one or more places on the reels at that point.

The wild carries a 2x multiplier, and if you get another prize and the wild returns, the multiplier goes up. The biggest multiplier is a huge 256x your prize if you manage to keep going to get that far. Better still, find two or more wilds in this feature and their multipliers add together to create a bigger one.

You can also find some free spins

Yep, and if you do, you can get double-value wild multipliers going in those too if you can trigger that feature again. This means the biggest multiplier is a huge 729x your prize amount. You may also trigger more spins, with up to 25 available when you originally unlocked the round.

You can see that Fruit Party 2 really could get that party going, thanks to the many features in the game. Try it today and you’ll soon see if this is going to pay out in a big way for you. Pragmatic Play has done a fine job with this slot.