When playing at an online casino it’s very important to get the customer support that you need to keep gambling without problems. Everyone is going to run into problems at some point, and at Winward we believe in offering top level customer support, to make our customers feel better about online gambling. That’s why we offer so many different support methods and work hard to make them accessible to players from around the world.

Live Chat Support

Live chat is one of the most popular ways that people are asking for help today. Our players can ask for help from one of the many live chat associates that are available throughout the day. The experts on live chat will quickly answer questions and take care of problems that arise. Players from anywhere in the world can use this support, and they can enjoy fast problem resolution through it as well. That’s why live chat is a favorite among our customers.

Email Help

For all the players that want help but don’t want to use the live chat feature on our website, we have a dedicated help email to offer as well. Our email address is available at any hour of the day and we have support staff members watching the email and answering questions as they come in. Players are pleasantly surprised at how quickly emails are answered by our support team and you can use this method to get the help that you need as well.

Reference the FAQ Section

Some players don’t want top go through the hassle of talking to support members at all, and that’s fine as well. At Winward we’ve taken the time to put together a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses most common problems that gamblers might have. Just by browsing through the FAQ section most gamblers can figure out how to resolve their problem and save some time that they would have spent talking with customer support. This is an excellent option for simple problems or for gamblers that don’t want to deal with support.

Customer support is supremely important at an online casino, which is why we put such a priority on it at Winward casino. Each of our available support methods will work for players from any country. If you run into any problems, please use one of the available support methods to ask for help, and we’ll put an expert on the case and help you get back to gambling and enjoying your online gameplay experience as soon as possible.