Happiest Christmas Tree Slots

Happiest Christmas Tree is a fun and lively online slot game that presents you with a bunch of traditional Christmas symbols, a nice cozy Christmas backdrop and lots of opportunities to win big. This slot game stands out because of an excellent feature set, good solid graphics and a unique set of wagering options that you simply can't find with other slot games. It's these features and benefits that come together to make Happiest Christmas Tree into a slot you need to research at least once. Keep reading to learn all about this unique slot and why it's likely to become a holiday favorite for you.

Excellent Betting Options

If you decide that you want to play Happiest Christmas Tree, you'll have a good mix of betting options to work with as you play through the rounds. You can go from a minimum wager of $0.40 per spin, up to an insane $4000.00 per spin. Your total wager amount is achieved by adjusting two different settings, your coin value and the bet multiplier. You can adjust the multiplier from 1x to 10x and you can adjust your coin value from $0.01 up to $10.00 each. This gives you a good mix of wagering adjustments that you can make, and gives you the ability to choose a wager you're happy with every time you spin the reels.

We want to take a moment to highly the maximum wager amount allowed by this slot game, because it's massive. Happiest Christmas Tree is the perfect slot for serious high rollers, because it's one of the few slot games you'll find online today that allows you to wager thousands of dollars in a single spin.

Huge Win Potential

Only on a slot game like Happiest Christmas Tree do you have a chance win so many massive prize payouts. The highest prize is worth $500,000 during standard rounds and you can win by getting five of the Christmas Tree symbols or five of the Bear symbols. You can also win up to $200,000 from the toy solider and $100,000 from the toy train symbols with the highest wager amount in place. The Christmas Tree is your ticket to getting additional wins as well because it is the wild symbol and shows up frequently on all the different reels.

The Prize Pot Feature

There is a special prize pot bonus feature that rewards you for getting some of the lower pay symbols as prizes. Each time you win a prize that contains the bell, the star, the moon or the ornament symbols, you will add a single item to the prize pot for that item type. Get three in the prize pot and you trigger the prize payout instantly. Prize Pot amounts are listed up at the top of the screen the entire time that you are playing, and they adjust based on how much you are wagering with each spin. The amount adjusts when you change a wager and the feature resets with a wager amount change as well. The counter also starts back at 0 after you receive a Prize Pot payout.

Christmas Tree Free Spins

Getting three of the Christmas Tree symbols anywhere at all will award you with the free spin bonus round. During this round you get 15 free spins and increased odds of getting high-paying prize payouts. That's because any time that you get one of the four low-paying symbols, they will disappear from the reels for the remainder of the free spins. That means you have more high-paying symbols out on the reels and increased chances of winning big.

Simple Autoplay

The autoplay feature in this slot is very easy to make use of. You just press Auto Play and the game will start spinning the reels without any input from you. There's nothing else for you to do. You just sit there and watch the slot game play itself until you are ready for it to finally stop spinning. To stop the game you press the Auto Play button once again and you'll go back to the standard gameplay model once again. Along with being able to turn Auto Play on and off, you can also switch between standard spin mode and quick spin mode to speed up the reels. This option is in the menu available at the lined button at the lower left of the game screen. Click it and select whether you want Quick Spin active or not.

Happiest Christmas Tree is a high-paying online slot game and a lot of fun to play around with too. It's our favorite holiday slot, and it will likely become one of yours as well after you test it out. It's also one of the favorite slot games for high rollers to play because of the massive win potential that it provides.