Midas Touch Slots

Midas Touch is a sleek and sexy classic slot game meant for online gamblers that want something simple that still offers decent prize payouts. The slot stands out from the other classic slots, because it relies almost entirely on fruit symbols. There are no BAR symbols or other traditional classic slot symbols. The slot looks really nice as well and does a good job making the interface look as clean as possible. We decided to make a review on Midas Touch online slot after taking a quick look at the game and liking its overall appearance. If classic slot games appeal to you, take a moment to read our review so that you can decide if this is the game for you. It’s a solid classic slot, but certainly not for every sort of player out there.

Simple and Easy

Midas Touch is a pretty standard classic slot game in terms of its features and how you play it. The only special feature that you have to think about is a wild that appears occasionally. Other than that, you just spin the reels and try for the top paying fruit combinations. It’s an easy slot game and everyone understands it as soon as they pick it up and test it out. That’s something that we really like about the slot and one of the reasons that we recommend it to some gamblers looking for a basic slot experience.

A Good Range of Wagering Options

This classic slot game like most others isn’t great for the players that want to wager huge amounts of cash while playing. It is a good resource for gamblers that want to wager smaller amounts though. You can risk as little as $0.01 per spin playing this slot. There’s just one payline, but you can wager between one and three coins on that line. The number of coins you wager determines how much you can win from the different prize combinations and we strongly recommend you always play with three coins active because it will pay off big time if you trigger the jackpot payout. Just choose a wager amount you are comfortable while having all three coins active. The maximum amount you can wager per coin is $5.00 for a total wager limit of $15.00 per spin.

Triggering the Top Jackpot

The biggest win in this slot game comes from the wild symbol, which is the golden Midas Touch logo. This symbol is rare, but if you can get three of them on the central payline you will win the top fixed jackpot offered by this slot game. The payout is between 500 coins and 2,000 coins depending on how many coins you have wagered when you win the payout. It can be worth as much as $10,000, which is a pretty respectable top payout for a low-cost classic slot game.

Mixed Symbol Prize Potential

You don’t even need to get matching symbols in Midas Touch in order to come away with a prize payout. If you manage to create a blend of pear, orange and watermelon symbols, you will also trigger a prize payout worth the amount that you wagered for that round. Even though this prize payout isn’t exciting, it will help you avoid going too many rounds without some sort of prize payout and can keep you playing this slot for longer without running out of cash.

Other than a wild symbol, Midas Touch doesn’t have any special features at all. We see this is a good thing and that’s why we recommend the slot to true fans of the classic slot genre. This slot game is very easy to pick up and start playing and you’ll never be confused about why you got a payout again. Give the slot a try and you could come away with some very impressive wins, and even if you don’t you’re likely to have a nice and relaxing gambling experience overall.