Chilli Heat Slots

Chilli Heat is yet another Mexican-themed video slot game (haven’t we had enough of those already?). Even though this slot doesn’t look all that unique on the surface, the graphics are still pretty nice to look at, and we were impressed by the game in some ways during our review. That’s why we’re talking about the game today, and why you should take the time to read through our review, even if you don’t like the theme of this slot game.

Somewhat Fixed Betting

Bets are a bit more limited in variety in Chilli Heat than in other slot games, but there is still a decent rage to work within. This video slot game has a total of 25 different pay lines, and those lines are locked in play at all times. While in some slots there are lines that can be deactivated, you must place a bet on all the lines in this slot. That keeps the wins rolling in, but it forces players to bet a bit more while playing the game.

Minimum wagers in this slot are $0.25 with $0.01 on each of the lines. Things can get to very exciting levels with top wagers of $125 between all the lines though for the players out there that like to bet big. Whether you are a high roller looking for fun, or a more modest gambler, there is something for you to enjoy with Chilli Heat slots.

Huge Top Jackpots

Most of the standard jackpots in this slot game are pretty modest with the expected fixed wins being around $1,000. There’s a huge potential jackpot available in this slot though up to a whopping $125,000. Even when betting the maximum amount of cash on this slot that’s a lot to look forward to and pretty darned exciting if you ask us.

Free Spins

Getting three of the Mexican Sun symbols out on the reels is what it takes to unlock free spins in this slot game. Doing so will give you 8 free spins. That seems like a low number until you find out that all the low paying symbols are removed from the game during these rounds. That means you have a good chance at unlocking some pretty generous payouts from the slot.

Money Bag Bonus Round

Chilli Heat offers a special bonus round that’s triggered through money bag symbols. Get six or more of them across the reels and the re-spin feature begins. During this re-spin feature additional money bag symbols are locked into position and the reels keep turning as long as you are finding more money bag symbols. If you fill up the reels with money bags you’ll unlock the massive grand jackpot which starts at $5,000 and works it’s way up to much larger levels.

Chilli Heat is a cool little slot with some pretty big features. It offers unique bonus rounds and games that are different from what you are likely to be used to. That keeps things very interesting and will give players something to look forward to each time they get on the slot game. Give it a try yourself and you could be the one lucky player to walk away with the $150,000 top jackpot with enough luck.