Pixie Wings Slots

Pixie Wings Slots
Pixie Wings is an interesting online slot game that relies on prize chains to pay you the very best payouts possible. The game looks nice on the surface and has really long chains of the same symbols, making it look like you could win a ton of different prize combinations with each spin that you complete. We put together a full review of Pixie Wings below and we encourage you to learn more about the slot or to test it out for yourself to see if it’s the perfect slot game for you.

Flexible Wagering

Some players won’t be happy to learn that you must lay down at least $0.50 per wager while playing this slot game. You must have all 50 paylines active any time that you play this slot, which is why the minimum is higher than many other slot games you may have tried in the past. There is an excellent range of wager amounts that you can place down though, and you are free to wager much more than the minimum amount if you are comfortable with larger wager amounts.

Super Stacked Symbols

Each symbol is grouped into massive super stacks in this slot game, giving you excellent chances of winning prize payouts and also changing the way that this slot game plays compared to others. When you test out Pixie Wings you will see long trains of symbols when you spin, and you will usually have a pretty good idea of when you’re going to win different slot payouts as well. The maximum wager amount climbs all the way up to $250.00 per spin with a maximum line bet of $0.50 and a limit of up to 10 coins per line overall. This means that high rollers can lay down huge wagers and have a chance at winning some impressive prize payouts as a result.

Minimal Prize Payouts

What’s odd about Pixie Wings is how little the game pays with each spin. Many of the prize payouts that you can win will pay out less than what it costs to spin the reels. This makes the slot seem like a terrible game on the surface, but it isn’t. It just works differently than most traditional slot games do. Because Pixie Wings has the super stacked symbols it gives you excellent chances of unlocking combinations of symbol prize payouts every single time that you spin the reels. That means even though most of the wins you can get are worth less than what you are paying to turn the reels, you can still expect to win more than you lose on good paying rounds. You will just win the cash with several different symbol payouts at the same time.

Win More With Wilds

The wild Pixie Wings symbol is the key to unlocking the largest payouts for a single symbol. They are worth up to $2,500 with a maximum wager in place if you get five of them on a single payline. Wilds aren’t super stacked symbols all the time, but can come that way occasionally when you play this slot game.

Free Spins

Getting three or more of the bonus symbols on a payline will unlock the free spin bonus round where you will enjoy between 5 and 12 free spins. During this special round you can choose which symbol you want to be super stacked so it will take up much of the reel and give you increase odds to win prizes using that symbol. Each symbol option comes with a different number of total free spins that you will get, so chose the feature that you want with care, and select the option you think will provide the best payouts overall.

Simple Autoplay

Some slot games have a very in-depth Autoplay system, but Pixie Wings keeps things simple. When you want the game to keep turning reels without any input from you, simply press the Autoplay button once and it will get going without you. It’s quick and easy to turn on and will result in lots spins without anything from you. If you want to turn the feature off you can just press the Autoplay button once again to stop the game from using the feature any longer. It’s basic, it’s easy and it’s something that you can do fast.

Pixie Wings is an interesting slot game that plays much differently than most traditional slots do. You will come to expect combination wins involving chains of prize payouts on any given turn when you play. The game is great for gamblers that like winning prize payouts frequently, but it’s not so good for gamblers that want to unlock the very highest paying prizes available.