When Pigs Fly Slots

When Pigs Fly is a pretty cool online slot game that is themed after Pig Astronauts when you play through the rounds. This game shows a launching rocket ship in the background and offers many different exciting ways to win and loads of different bonus features as well. If you are searching for an online slot game that’s going to keep you busy while presenting you with all kinds of different cool symbols, When Pigs Fly could be the right game for you. Our full review of the game down below goes into detail on the different features that the game has to offer, and only reading through the details, or testing the game out for yourself will give you enough experience to decide if you want to play this slot over the long term.


Before we could get started testing this very interesting looking slot game, we needed to place a wager. Wager limits are a bit tighter than what you’ll experience in different slots, but still pretty decent. AT the low-end you can wager as little as $0.50 per spin while playing this slot game to help make your money last as long as possible while playing the slot. At the high end you can wager as much as $100.00 per spin while playing the slot. There are many different wager amounts available in between these extremes as well, giving you some decent options to work with no matter what sort of player you are.

Insane Winning Options

When Pigs Fly is unique in that it offers you between 45 and an impressive 3,125 different ways to win with every single spin that you complete. With so many different winning options to work with you really can come away with prize payouts on every spin that you complete, or at least most of them. There are countless ways to form prize winning combinations after a spin and you’ll end up winning prizes that you don’t see right away while playing this slot game. Clustered wins are very common and you won’t just win in one linear direction, which is one of our favorite things about this slot game.

Using the Re-Spin Feature

To gain access to that huge number of hidden paylines you need to get some wins in this slot. The first win that you get will trigger the special re-spin feature and on your next spin you’ll have 135 ways to win. Win again and you get another re-spin with 405 ways to win. Keep doing this until you’re finally up to the final re-spin where you have 3,125 different ways to win. This is the 8th free spin and it will give you so many different ways to win that you’re likely to win several different prize payouts on the same spin.

Shape Shifting Reels

One of the most unique aspects of this slot game is that the reels change size and shape as you play. Each time that you unlock the re-spin feature as you play the slot the reel will change to create the additional winning opportunities. The reels change through a bunch of different configurations depending on the re-spin round that you are on. Go through enough of them and you won’t even recognize the reel at the end.

If a slot game theme showcasing a pig astronaut isn’t enough to make you want to try out the slot immediately, maybe all the different features offered by the slot will be. Even though the top fixed jackpot is just 1,000 coins, you can win up to 480,000 coins during the re-spin feature, which is a huge amount of cash and certainly something worth playing for. There are many different opportunities to win big, and the slot is so dynamic that you’ll experience different types of gameplay each time you test it out.